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Failing to plan for disasters is not an option

Parts fail, servers die, lightning strikes, and, as we know from experience, open cans of paint accidentally find their way into the server closet. A great IT strategy must include a comprehensive Backup & Disaster Recovery solution. A thorough IT plan must account for when systems will fail, not wonder what will be done if they fail.

Unprecedented Hybrid Technology

Most backup systems exist in one of two locations


(at your office)

In The Cloud

(off site)

While each has distinct advantages, on their own, they both fail to address the necessities of a total business continuity program. Our solution pairs leading-edge local hardware and software with an identical off-site copy of crucial data, delivering a product that addresses potential weak points while delivering stellar performance.

Unparalleled Coverage

Our backup service takes snapshots as often as every half hour and provides business continuity by hosting your services and files on the backup system during outages. In addition, its hybrid approach provides coverage for anything from small mishaps (accidental file deletion, etc.) to full server failures and disasters. Technology of this caliber has previously only been available to the enterprise market, but we’ve brought it down to a price-point that makes it a no-brainer for small and medium-sized businesses.

Scalability & Performance

Businesses change and expand continuously. Our systems are designed for longevity and to scale with your infrastructure as your business grows. Because our system operates both locally and off-site, we are able to achieve maximum up-time and performance. Our restore-times are the fastest we’ve seen in the industry as there are no antiquated tape or RDX drives to bottleneck restore performance and we have the flexibility to operate from two distinct, secure copies of customer data at any time.

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